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Ever since humans came to the forest, trolls have tried to stay hidden. They are difficult to see because they blend in so well with the ferns, mosses, rocks and tree roots. Most humans don’t believe that trolls exist. They think they are imaginary folk, the stuff of great stories, but not real creatures that share the forest with them.

However, if you are a human that knows how to walk through the woods without rustling the leaves or snapping twigs with your feet and you can move so quietly in the forest that even the birds and chipmunks are surprised when they see you, then you are just the type of human that will see trolls as they move about or visit with one another. Trolls are sometimes mischievous and sometimes they are unscrupulous. Most of the time, though, trolls very rarely trouble humans. They are frightened of humans until they get to know and trust them.

Trolls are very sensitive and have been teased about their looks. They have large, pointed ears that allow them to hear thunderstorms miles away and those large feet help them take giant strides over boulders and logs to seek protection from the storm. Their extremely large nose can smell roast beef cooking miles away — and roast beef is the trolls’ favorite food. The trolls’ eyes are sharp enough to detect silver and gold and precious stones deep under the mountains. But, look carefully and you will see that those eyes are also kind and sensitive.

Trolls become loyal friends. They are wonderful listeners and are comfortable sitting together in silence. Humans who have lived near trolls report that from time to time they will come into their homes and tidy things up. They have been known to become fast friends with family pets.

Occasionally trolls have been known to steal a princess just for the fun of it, but they eventually let her go. If you do have the chance to meet a troll, talk gently, avoid asking questions that are too personal, let the troll watch you as you work, and before you know it, you will have a loyal friend.

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